MAY 2022 

Our Thoughts On: First Concerts 
Film Review: After Yang 
Insane Girl Winter 
What We’re Listening To: Rage 

Our Thoughts On: All My Friends Hate Me

3/3 at Market Hotel

MARCH 2022

Maybe Next Time
2022 Oscars Predictions
What We’re Watching: Coming of Age
Euphoria: A Reckoning
Would the Euphoria Teens Survive Yellowjackets?
What Would Avalon Fast Do?
Three Poems
Everything but The Band: Samantha Singh
Thoughts on Streaming Alternatives
Music For Liminal Places
Adventures in Music Streaming
Playlist for Growing Up
Smithereens: The Anti Rom Com


52 Films Project: Making Art Post College & Mid Pandemic
Mackenzie Thomas: Personal Heaven
Our Thoughts On: The Tragedy of Macbeth
Ideas From My Rejected A24 Internship Application
What We’re Watching: Documentaries
What We’re Listening To: Love & Heartbreak
Our Thoughts On: The Superbowl Halftime Show
5 Songs You Missed 1988
Cool For America
I Love You, Farrah Abraham
Finding Solace in A Fun House
Studio Diaries 4: Julie Kim


What We’re Listening To: Existential Crisis
Reflecting on Lana del Rey’s Born To Die (10 Years Later)
In Communion With Pleasure
Kevin Salk’s Serendipitous Punk Rock Photography
Finding Her Own Way: Sedona
Our Faves From the 2021 Music Board
Our Thoughts On: Pen15 Finale
2021 Fim Recaps
Prestige Mini Series Pitches
Why Am I So Obsessed With Spotify Wrapped?
Nowhere to Hide; or the Excellence of the Short Story


The Punishing Pressure of Being Pitch Perfect
I Wasn’t Expecting Death
5 Songs You Missed: 1940s
Greta Van Fleet: Love or Hate
i want it to be messy
What We’re Listening To: Gatherings
Our Thoughts On: PinkPantheress - To hell with it 
Our Thoughts On: The French Dispatch
Artist Spotlight: Polina Buchak
Free Characters For Your Thanksgiving Dramedy
You’re Missing the Point: Squid Game
Studio Diaries 3: Julie Kim


Scary Stories & Soundtracks to Go Along
What We’re Listening To: Light Jacket Weather
Our Thoughts On: Pink Floyd’s Meddle
Albums to Write To
Our Thoughts On: Succession Season 3 Premiere
Film Review: The Worst Person in The World
I Can’t Stop Thinking About How Julia Roberts Plays Her Own Look Alike in Ocean’s 12 Artist Spotlight: Kylie Vincent
Ranking Celebrity Bookstore Purchases
6 Paintings for Falling in Love
The Seagull Swan Song of Brooklyn’s Bad Kiss
Madeleine's Pitchfork Photo Diary


Copy Carnival Photo Diary
Studio Diaries 3: Naava Guaraca
Thesis Diary Kate Kim
Artist Spotlight: John Valle
Met Gala Review
Film Review: Baby Annette
Art Shows To See: Sept & Oct 2021
What We’re Watching: Emmy’s Edition
Food Portraits
Studio Diaries 2: Julie Kim
Our Thoughts On: “family ties”
What We’re Listening To: Summertime
Following the Sound that Won’t Echo Then Die: Griffith James
Film Review: to the girl that looks like me
Patricia Lockwood’s No One is Talking About This & the Cursed Bird App


Considering the Alternative Museum
Artist Spotlight: Enmi Yang
My Life is A Road Movie
5 Songs You Missed: 1962
Studio Diaries 2: Naava Guaraca Fashion In 3 Films
What We’re Listening To: Unwinding

JULY 2021

Studio Diaries 1: Julie Kim
Filmmaker Spotlight: Martin Matar
Rough Trade Moves to Midtown
The Hour of The Star & Self Deprecation
Book Reviews: Naava Guaraca
Our Thoughts On: Zola
What We're Listening To: Beginning
Our Thoughts On: Blood Orange’s Coastal Grooves
Our Thoughts On: Japanese Breakfasts’ Jubilee
Art Shows to See August 2021
Launch Party Photo Diary
5 Songs You Missed: 2001
The Official Guide to Dinner Party Music
A Conversation With Mitsu Kawano
Studio Diary 1: Naava Guaraca
What Are You Watching Post Vax?
“I Confuse Us”: An Interview
Welcome to Copy