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Lizzie Racklin is Watching: 

There isn’t much about a fish-out-of-water/sports-based sitcom that screams “I will make you cry as you eat breakfast at 11:30 AM,” but that’s what Ted Lasso is to me. I didn’t watch this show until almost a year after it came out and on first viewing of the pilot, I didn’t really care. God bless Jason Sudeikis (praying he doesn’t disappoint us down the line), but nothing about the first episode really interested me. I didn’t get the “goofy American who’s actually very wise” character and didn’t feel connected to the glorious game of ~football, but throughout the first season the characters developed some of the most heartwarming relationships I’ve ever watched play out, and made me question if I need to be athletic in order to experience true friendship and/or transcendence.

This show isn’t paced like a sitcom and the laughs don’t always hit, but if you need a hug, just ask your roommate for their parents’ Apple TV+ password.

I know art is subjective but I’m actually not open to hearing positive reviews of this reboot!

The original Gossip Girl was so bad but so good, a quasi satire of the ultra-wealthy that both glamorized and kinda accidentally critiqued them and was a perfect storm of pop culture references, teen hierarchy, and family drama that I injected into my middle school brain and made me want to be so much more of a bitch. It made every insane decision that it could, with long-lost cousins arriving on the scene and ending up being actresses pretending to be an estranged relative and evil dads falling off roofs but not dying? I think that happened? And Kristen Bell narrated the entire thing like an omnipresent Dorothy Parker/Barbie/Jane Austen hybrid.

In the reboot, Kristen Bell is still here and the teens of the Upper East Side are vaguely “woke,” but the twist is that they’re very boring. They’re trying to fit the old CW show into a prestige drama box and it’s not a fun time. No one’s anything more than slightly snarky, no one’s wearing a tweed headband or whatever, and they have Tavi Gevinson playing a part-time psychopath, part-time person we’re supposed to root for? They know the world they’re aiming for—they play Phoebe Brigers and Hope Tala, they invoke Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach in the world’s most uninteresting Halloween costume—but it all feels forced. Don’t have a Jeremy O. Harris cameo but then give the man nothing to do!

I heard a rumor that they have Blair Waldorf die from Covid and then throw a benefit in her honor...at least we’d be committing to chaos! I’m gonna keep watching because I’m free Thursday nights, but I’d love it if Jen Lynch (David Lynch’s daughter and director of a few episodes) would A) not have dreadlocks and B) step up her game.



One perk of living at home with my parents is finally getting them to watch my favorite shows, and we started with Succession. There's nothing better than coming home from grocery shopping together and immediately seeing what Greg the Egg will get into this episode.

For the uninitiated, Succession follows an EXTREMELY rich family as each member struggles to come out on top. Seeing it a second time has given me so much more insight into the lives of these conniving billionaires and time to see all the little games of chess going on. Each zinger hits harder when you know it's coming, and the theme song still absolutely rocks my world.

I find myself continuing to root for Shiv, an absolute #girlboss, to beat them all, but only time will tell if she sticks the landing. If you have time on your hands, I highly recommend a rewatch (or a first watch) before season 3 drops later this fall to catch up with our fave .000000001%-ers.

I think you should leave

I Think You Should Leave is what I put on when my brain feels like mush after a long day of work. Tim Robinson's sketches range from just straight hilarious to so out of left field that I'm not sure how anyone came up with that, while also still hilarious?!?

Even when the show's most absurd moments don't entirely make sense to me, I can't help but laugh at the over-the-top performances or writing. And moments like Patti Harrison saying "I can't even watch a movie anymore without a big pour of wine (and popcorn)" more than make up for any momentary confusion.

If you need a laugh or something so strange that your brain snaps out of post-work funk — I Think You Should Leave is just a few clicks away on Netflix.

Cita is watching:

Outer Banks 

Okay, I am not messing around with this show.

I watched the first season when I was quaranting at a ranch in Texas (in the middle of nowhere) and hadn’t seen anyone but my family for three months. It provided the escape I desperately needed. Because of this, I really believed that this show was maybe, hands down, the most exciting and... dare I say, ~capitviating~ show, I had ever seen.... ever. (next to The Vampire Diaries, of course). 

Of course you can imagine my worry when the second season came out, wondering if the magic would still remain. AND BOY DID IT. 

So yes, it is cheesy. And the “finding the treasure” narrative is a bit... ridiculous. But there is something genuine about this absuridity that I find admirable. It makes me question why I would ever reject a narrative simply for the reason that it is “hard to believe” or “farfetched.” Personally, I find that stretching my imagingation with shows like this one allows myself to actually begin to think outside of the box again. A friendly reminder to be less cynical, and a bit more imaginative and childlike once again.

Love Island 

Here it comes, another review of Love Island.

I had never seen this show, and typically refuse to watch reality TV. But after seeing the Bachelor for the first time a year ago, I decided maybe it was time to see what everyone was talking about when they raved about Love Island.

Personally, I find the plot utterly fascinating. Unlike The Bachelor, which seems to cater the show around drama and suspense, Love Island feels more like a human experiment. They are all trapped on this little island, and so far the biggest drama is who has the nicest “bum.” I feel the drama and suspense building, but after learning there are around 30 episodes a season, I imagine the drama builds until it explodes. To be frank: I can’t wait for this show to pay off.  

What are you watching? Let us know below!