What We’re Listening To: Music for Spiraling

by The Music Team
Here’s what we listen to calm our worries and drop a roadblock mid-spiral. Or, just something that puts to music how we feels inisde and fuels our unrest. 

Stories of Stories 

by Margaret Davenport 
I am made up of scribbled notes and dream journals and all the little things I am scared I’ll lose.

Of Hollywod and Men 

by Natalie Duerr 
Another film examines the horrors of being a woman, yet Hollywood is as unaware as ever. 

I Found god at the Ethel Cain show 

by Layla Passman 
Review of the breakout goth rock star’s record release show at Market Hotel. 

Our Thoughts On: The 10-Year Anniversary of Frank Ocean’s channel ORANGE 

by The Music Team 
Frank Ocean’s debut studio album has the power to change you. 

Oh, Are You Going to Any Festivals This Summer? 

by Julia Vassallo
I have a desire to see a paradigm shift in the way festivals are run, sometimes the easiest way to learn is through the examination of failure.

Twilight: A First Read 

by Elias Kotsis 
I’d be lying if I said I haven’t always been curious (Twi-curious, if you will).

Film Review: Petit Maman

by Harish Krishnamoorthy
Céline Sciamma’s latest film feels like a palliative—a short, cozy breath of French air.

Our Thoughts On: Peeing During A Movie 

by The Film Team
Do you??!?!

Thoughts on Balletcore 

by Mickey Galvin
Does this recent trend defy or reinforce ballet’s complicated history?

Summer 2016 Energy 

by The Music Team
What is it? Is it back? Why?!

Fritz Kühn, Ospace, and 393 Broadway

by Julia Vassallo
“The goal is to give people an alternative to the gallery world and the nightlife world.”

Theater We’re Excited For 

by Mickey Galvin & Sterling Gates 
The theater is back, and we are oh so ready. Here is a look into what we are looking forward to seeing this year, and how we see it for CHEAP.

The Armpit of America 

by Margaret Davenport 
Shifting the Zeitgeist: Battle Mountain, Gene Weingarten, and Americana.

Emerson Rosenthal Has A Lot of Ideas 

by Lizzie Racklin
It makes sense that the mind that has generated more than 2,500 ideas in the last four years loves movies that are actually “a hundred different movies in one.”

What We’re Watching: In Flight 

by The Film Team 
Pick something you would never watch normally, because in-flight entertainment is an experience of its own.

Music For Portable Speakers

by The Music Team
The city’s getting warmer. Gather your friends and head to the park.

Writing This is My Version of Fangirling:
On Sarah Ramos & Autograph Hound

by Sammy Bluth 
A recent exhibit by Sarah Ramos explores the vital connection between fame and fandom.

Sofia Coppola: Forever Young Review 

by Natalie Duerr
Author Hannah Strong imbues personal experience into a critical survey of a filmmaker known to do the same.

Reviewing Media I’ve Found on The Streets of BK 

by Taylor Stout
Go outside with open eyes and an open mind, and the streets seem to speak to you.

Private Time, Public Transport: Reading, Writing, and Lauren Elkin’s No.91/92

by Jack Petersen
A mechanical flaneur, the bus provides a windowed eye for the contained organism of the city. Original art by Mahaut Marin-Price. 

Studio Diary: Regina Sinnott

By Regina Sinnott
Regina takes us through her painting process as she begins and meddles with a new piece.

A Fairytale Breakup

by Brooke Metayer
If you’re gonna get dumped, you might as well make it interesting.

Our Phantom Tails and the Liberating Meadows of Spring

By Julie Kim
On Elizabth Glaessner’s recent solo show and the changing of the seasons.

Saying Goodbye to Night Falls Over Kortedala

By Lily Crandall
Reflecting on the “Retirement” of Jens Lekman’s 2007 Album