Pig 2021- Michael Sarnoski 

Our Thoughts On:Pig

our favorite treasure hunter nick cagE has his latest performance in pig, a movie abouT love, food, and... a truffle pig

Natalie duerr
sarina freda
ella lee davidson
cita atwell


Like any good dish — Pig is considered. There isn't a single unnecessary moment or garnish. With a runtime of 1 hour and 32 minutes, Pig is lean but tender and delightful every second of it’s consumption. Go in knowing as little as possible!

-Natalie Duerr

WHAT DID HE LEARN? WHY THIS STORY? AND WHY WAS THERE AN UNDERGROUND FIGHTING RING? You want answers to two of these questions and want to cry about truffle hunting?? Watch the absolute masterpiece that is Truffle Hunters. Pig shmig.

-Sarina Freda

I came to laugh but I ended up crying? Nicholas Cage’s usual cray-cray really did it for me in this movie. Will I ever love somebody the way he loves his pig?

-Ella Lee Davidson

Umm... National Treasure meets Truffle Pig?! The suspense. The wonder. The… confusion? The facts: the OG pig is Babe and everyone knows it.

- Cita

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