100 Pages 
5” x 8” 
RisogRaph Printed by TXT Books 


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A curated selection of 18 pieces from released from 2021-2023. Featuring the following writers: Margaret Davenport, Erin Kang, Jack Petersen, Elias Kotsis, Taylor Stout, Julie Kim, Naava Guaraca, Josie Brandmeier, Davis Dunham, Miguel de Laveaga, Lizzie Racklin, Rebecca Loftin, Katie Kane, Mickey Galvin, Catherine Spino, Philip Kenner, Natalie Duerr, Lily Crandall

Design by Natalie Duerr and Mickey Galvin
Production by Lily Crandall, Erin Kang, and Taylor Stout
Cover, logo, and assistance by Gabriella Feuillet

Printed and bound by TXTbooks in Brooklyn, NY
Interior: Accent Opaque, Bright White, 70lb
Cover: Accent Opaque, Bright White, 80lb

Printed in March 2023 in a limited edition of 150