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Ask Casey

A new advice column. 



Hi, friend. My name is Casey, and I’m here to answer your big, gnarly questions. Are you stressed about your roommate’s “art project” that’s taking up the whole living room? Are you having an existential career crisis about whether to get an MFA in Creative Writing or an MA in Mental Health Counseling? Are you sick in love with the bassist in your best friend’s band? Sweet One, I have been there, and I’m thrilled to tell you all about it.

Really, this mission is selfish. Someone wiser than me once told me that the more you give advice, the more enthusiastic you are about taking it yourself. I want to give you advice because I, too, am lost. I’m a fallible, guilt-ridden, world-weary writer with little to do but wait for strangers to tell me their jangling secrets. You’re giving me the chance to be a more three-dimensional person, so don’t be afraid to let it rip.

You can write to me and ask for advice about anything. You could provide anecdotes, complain with abandon, rage against the machine, etc.—this is your opportunity to get advice on whatever is eating away at you. I promise to absorb your words with generosity, non-judgment, and a sense of humor.

I cannot guarantee a response to every question, but the more detailed you are, the more of a story you tell, the more you paint a picture—the higher the chance you'll receive an answer.  Also, when you’re done writing, please give yourself a fun sign-off. For example:

Girl Who Is So Jealous She Wants to Kill Her Best Friend."

Thank you in advance for telling me something good. By the very nature of the advice column, what you say won’t stay between us, but I promise we won’t collect any personal details. No email, no names—nothing. There will be eager readers who will learn a lot from your bravery, and I’m sure that you and I can put on a show worth watching.

Here’s the link. See you on the other side.

xo, Casey