Sacrificial Lambs and Bloody Virgin Marys

Trends in Catholic horror and the unholy war against reproductive rights in America
By Myka Greene

Ask Casey #1: Emailing My Ex

A new advice column. 
By Copy Casey

Ask Casey

A new advice column.
By Copy Casey

What Musicians Get about Chicago

A profound sense of nostalgia weaves through the city.
By Amelia Langas

One of Your Girls

The first time Dexter called me, he said he was lonely.
By Halle Wellington

Oscars 2024: Predictions

Who will win & the Adam Lambert Effect
Auveen Dezgaran

All Those Days in New York

Four poems
By Dillon Cranston

More Than a Label

labels? labels! tbd Exhibition at :iidrr Gallery.
By Ciaran Short

WWFD (What Would Felicity Do?)

Lessons from Felicity and the red-hot heart on her sleeve.
By Lily Crandall

We Soundtrack Our Lives in Order to Live

The Kings of Leon records add tempo to my memories and sharpen the visions of the girl I once was.
By Allison McWhite 

52 Films: Take One 

I’m reminded that a movie can be almost anything, and I feel like all the filmmakers are old friends.
By Naava Guaraca

Gimme, Gimme 

Fighting morning grogginess and existential dread with the Belair Lip Bombs’ album, Lush Life
By Sophie Abeles

Slow Pulp at Le Posisson Rouge, Early November

Slow Pulp performed the way people in Chicago do anything—with their whole heart, focused on being the best they can.
By Layla Passman
Photos by Shelby Kraut

Some Ideas for a Girls Reboot Season 

Because we aren’t getting any younger. 
By Brooke Metayer

2023 Favorites: Literature

Where we found words of wisdom—in print, in person, and online.
By The Copy Team

2023 Favorites: Music 

These songs held our hands through a year of quiet transformations.  
By The Copy Team 

2023 Favorites: Film + TV 

Past Lives takes the lead in a landmark year for hopeless romantics.
By The Copy Team 

Bethenny Frankel’s Chain Reaction

If Bethenny Frankel fell in a forest, would she make a TikTok letting you know she got up all on her own?
By Davis Dunham

Our Thoughts On: Saltburn

If Emerald Fennell can do one thing, it’s make a movie that you can’t stop talking about. Back for her sophomore feature, the Copy team and contributors share their thoughts on Saltburn.
By The Copy Team

Putting Women Back in the House

How women reclaim and reject domestic spaces in film.
By Myka Greene 

The Standing Upright, the Wearing Clothes, and the Work

Surfaces in Pip Adam’s The New Animals
By Ali Banach


Sitting in that passenger seat and putting on the performance of my life with Ava was the best feeling in the world. 
By Nuala Sanchez

I Want to Fight Jesse Eisenberg

When I sit back Nicole Kidman-style in a movie theater and see the giant likenesses of the Jesse Eisenbergs of the world, I see reflections of my own past mistakes.
By Claire Tumey

Infernal and Exquisite

The feminine horror of Lament for Julia by Susan Taubes
By Gray Harrison


After Paramore
By Mia Arias Tsang

There Is Strength in the Collective

A review of five two Dance Company’s Repertoire Showcase
By Amelia Langas

Look at What We Did Together

Black Country, New Road and Daneshevskaya at Knockdown Center
By Taylor Stout

Review: Mechanical Bulls

The film is a welcome addition to the familiar territory of the post-college canon.
By Natalie Duerr

Our Eras Tour 

As I looked over at my best friend, it felt like a homecoming for the both of us. We knew we would revisit the past seventeen years not only of Taylor Swift, but of ourselves.
By Riley Rudy 

Dancing in a World Alone

Celebrating ten years of making art and listening to Lorde’s Pure Heroine
By Taylor Stout

Barge Day

A man seated at a table at the other end of the room doesn’t say hi. What he does say is, “you’re standing in a boat that is one hundred and nine years old.”
By Lily Crandall

Richard Perez Has to Do This, Okay?

In his one-man show, the comedian blends imagination and truth, making fantasy feel almost embarrassingly real. 
By Lizzie Racklin

DIVA DOWN: Dr. Roberta Bobby Vanishes Without a Trace

In the wake of her disappearance, we look back and wonder, how can we triage a diva that is not only injured, but gone?
By Davis Dunham & Taylor Stout

The Darkness and the Light 

Mary Gaitskill introduces F.W. Murnau’s 1926 horror film Faust at Light Industry.
By Fern Paltrow

Fear and Triumph in New York’s Summer Theater

A review of Beth Golison’s experimental musical, here i fall up.
By Dillon Cranston


A Biblical Angel, an Emotional Hangover

By Brooke Metayer
Alex Bush and Laura Galindo write poetry in black and white for the “Hangover” music video.

The Cult Member from the Ocean and the Clown on the Beach: Sean David Bradley’s “Dog Water”

By Lizzie Racklin
“Dog Water” captures the sense that we’re all prone to the same very human tendency toward absolute faith.

WOO, WOO, WOO: I Am Synclaire

By Maria D. Smith
I learned that to be Synclaire is to exceed in spectacle and entertainment, but never to be taken seriously. And thus created my subconscious fear.

25 Going on 14    

By Margaret Davenport
Three Albums for A Quarter-Life Crisis

An Ode to Background Characters

By Natalie Duerr
Bringing “background character energy” into 2023

Night One of Bar Italia’s New York Residency

By Layla Passman
It was hard for me to match whatever low-grade apathy emanated from the patio as I was gleefully anticipating hearing one of my new favorite albums live.

Pole Dancing @ TheaterLab 

By Mickey Galvin
A review of Revolt She Said, Revolt Again at TheaterLab

RIP My Acura TL 3

By Rebecca Loftin
Driving, to me, always signified a form of escape, a way to harness otherwise inaccessible power.

Venice Ohleyer’s Year of Yes

By Lizzie Racklin
You can say “no” to a lot of things in New York, but comedian Venice Ohleyer decided to start saying “yes.”

Alien To Her Worlds

By Kristian Burt
With the release of Izumi Suzuki’s second posthumous book, Hit Parade of Tears, the misanthropic mother of Japanese science fiction has established an international cult following more than 35 years after her death.

“In My Own Time, I’ll Get a Little Older”

By Erin Kang
Fenne Lily and Christian Lee Hutson with Why Bonnie, Live at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

Peer Review of Spotify Profiles

By The Music Team
If you’re obsessive about music, your spotify profile can be like a public diary. Here’s what we learned about each other. 

David’s Rage

By Kristian Burt
With the East Village’s 1980s fight against AIDS Depicted in the film All the Beauty and the Bloodshed, it is important to reflect on a pioneering figure: David Wojnarowicz.

Waiting Tables

By Dillon Cranston
Poetic dispatches from restaurant shifts.  

Shame at Irving Plaza

By Layla Passman
English post-punk band Shame exudes grit, energy, and earnest passion.

Music for Portable Speakers: Playlist Refresh

By The Music Team
Some New Songs for a New Season

Ryan Gosling Asian Girlfriend

By Coco McMracken 
A neon floral dress at the intersection of Ryan Gosling, moving house, and being the asian girlfriend. 

It’s About Time for Nicole’s Revenge

By Davis Dunham 
Examining the art of New Orleans-based performer: Garlic Junior aka Vodka Soda aka Nicole’s Revenge.

INT. Figaro Bistro - Tuesday 5:13 PM - April
By Brooke Metayer 
Observing the patrons at an infamous cafe in Los Angeles.


A Show of “Firsts”

By Tasneem Sarkez
And an interview with curators Diego Barcelo and Selah Wilks.

If Social Media Dies, I May Have to Blame Myself for Things Completely in My Control

By Erin Gruodis-Gimbel
It is the fear of burnt focaccia, the memories of ninth-grade math class, and the draft of a vulnerable essay that can be charitably referred to as drivel that keep me on Twitter.