Ask Casey #1: Emailing My Ex

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By Copy Casey

2023 Favorites: Literature

Where we found words of wisdom—in print, in person, and online.
By The Copy Team

Bethenny Frankel’s Chain Reaction

If Bethenny Frankel fell in a forest, would she make a TikTok letting you know she got up all on her own?
By Davis Dunham


Sitting in that passenger seat and putting on the performance of my life with Ava was the best feeling in the world.
By Nuala Sanchez

The Standing Upright, the Wearing Clothes, and the Work

Surfaces in Pip Adam’s The New Animals
By Ali Banach

Infernal and Exquisite

The feminine horror of Lament for Julia by Susan Taubes
By Gray Harrison

DIVA DOWN: Dr. Roberta Bobby Vanishes Without a Trace

In the wake of her disappearance, we look back and wonder, how can we triage a diva that is not only injured, but gone?
By Davis Dunham & Taylor Stout

RIP My Acura TL 3

By Rebecca Loftin
Driving, to me, always signified a form of escape, a way to harness otherwise inaccessible power.

Alien To Her Worlds

By Kristian Burt
With the release of Izumi Suzuki’s second posthumous book, Hit Parade of Tears, the misanthropic mother of Japanese science fiction has established an international cult following more than 35 years after her death.

Waiting Tables

By Dillon Cranston
Poetic dispatches from restaurant shifts.  

Ryan Gosling Asian Girlfriend

By Coco McMracken
A neon floral dress at the intersection of Ryan Gosling, moving house, and being the asian girlfriend.

INT. Figaro Bistro - Tuesday 5:13 PM - April

By Brooke Metayer
Observing the patrons at an infamous cafe in Los Angeles.

If Social Media Dies, I May Have to Blame Myself for Things Completely in My Control

By Erin Gruodis-Gimbel
It is the fear of burnt focaccia, the memories of ninth-grade math class, and the draft of a vulnerable essay that can be charitably referred to as drivel that keep me on Twitter.

American Apparel Savior Complex

By Grayce Toon
American Apparel was everything I wanted to be, and everything I was so far from.

Down & Out on a Thursday

By Dillon cranston

I see I’m not the only one at this diner who brought a notepad and pen. 
His drawings are better but I have made the better order.

British Home Cooking at Lord’s in Greenwich Village

By Stasia de Tilly

The menu takes the mundanity and pleasure of comfort food and elevates it for the intrigued masses.


Silence of the Dogs

By Davis Dunham
By the time I get home from work, the concept of even thinking in words exhausts me.

My Year of Mirrors

By Taylor Stout
By writing through my year, I don’t feel that I’ve drained my days of anything. I’ve created something new alongside them.

2022 Favorites
By The Copy Team

Give a Dog a Bone

By Margaret Davenport
At the risk of being foolishly optimistic, I am adding social media to my list of spiritual practices.

Love in the Time of COVID-19

By Diane Roman
Divorce and dating during COVID-19 after a 30-year marriage ends over Zoom.

Right Name, Wrong Girl

by Margaret Davenport
In a shocking turn of events, I will not be the Margaret marrying Jack Antonoff.

How to Capitalize on Being Sad

by Josie Brandmeier
On being sad, watching yourself be sad, and making a shit ton of money off of it.

Stories of Stories

by Margaret Davenport
I am made up of scribbled notes and dream journals and all the little things I am scared I’ll lose.

Twilight: A First Read 

by Elias Kotsis 
I’d be lying if I said I haven’t always been curious (Twi-curious, if you will).

The Armpit of America

by Margaret Davenport
Shifting the Zeitgeist: Battle Mountain, Gene Weingarten, and Americana.

Reviewing Media I’ve Found on The Streets of BK

by Taylor Stout
Go outside with open eyes and an open mind, and the streets seem to speak to you.

Private Time, Public Transport: Reading, Writing, and Lauren Elkin’s No.91/92

By Jack Petersen

A mechanical flaneur, the bus provides a windowed eye for the contained organism of the city. Original art by Mahaut Marin-Price


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