WWFD (What Would Felicity Do?

Lessons from Felicity and the red-hot heart on her sleeve.
By Lily Crandall

52 Films: Take One

I’m reminded that a movie can be almost anything, and I feel like all the filmmakers are old friends.
By Naava Guaraca

Some Ideas for a Girls Reboot Season

Because we aren’t getting any younger.
By Brooke Metayer

2023 Favorites: Film + TV 

Past Lives takes the lead in a landmark year for hopeless romantics.
By The Copy Team

Our Thoughts On: Saltburn

If Emerald Fennell can do one thing, it’s make a movie that you can’t stop talking about. Back for her sophomore feature, the Copy team and contributors share their thoughts on Saltburn.
By The Copy Team

Putting Women Back in the House

How women reclaim and reject domestic spaces in film.
By Myka Greene

I Want to Fight Jesse Eisenberg

When I sit back Nicole Kidman-style in a movie theater and see the giant likenesses of the Jesse Eisenbergs of the world, I see reflections of my own past mistakes.
By Claire Tumey

Review: Mechanical Bulls

The film is a welcome addition to the familiar territory of the post-college canon.
By Natalie Duerr

The Darkness and the Light

Mary Gaitskill introduces F.W. Murnau’s 1926 horror film Faust at Light Industry.
By Fern Paltrow


A Biblical Angel, an Emotional Hangover

By Brooke Metayer
Alex Bush and Laura Galindo write poetry in black and white for the “Hangover” music video.

The Cult Member from the Ocean and the Clown on the Beach: Sean David Bradley’s “Dog Water”

By Lizzie Racklin
“Dog Water” captures the sense that we’re all prone to the same very human tendency toward absolute faith.

WOO, WOO, WOO: I Am Synclaire

By Maria D. Smith
I learned that to be Synclaire is to exceed in spectacle and entertainment, but never to be taken seriously. And thus created my subconscious fear.

An Ode to Background Characters

By Natalie Duerr
Bringing “background character energy” into 2023

David’s Rage

By Kristian Burt
With the East Village’s 1980s fight against AIDS Depicted in the film All the Beauty and the Bloodshed, it is important to reflect on a pioneering figure: David Wojnarowicz.

I Am Such A Carrie

By Sarah Gallegos
As I finished rewatching the series, I couldn’t help but wonder if I would one day miss this version of myself—33, tenacious, imperfect, vulnerable.

It Isn’t True Until It Ends

By Davis Dunham
Chaos and peace can coexist when there’s no end in sight, but the pressure to rush off to one makes the two enemies.

Damien Chazelle Is in His Reputation Era

By Brooke Metayer
“Oh, I’m sorry, the old Damien can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ‘cause he’s dead.”

COPY’s Favorites of 2022: Film & TV

By The Copy Team

Death in Our Hands

By Natalie Duerr
Making sense of death isn’t a burden that anyone carries alone. Discussing it might actually make it feel more bearable.

Our Thoughts On: AFI’s Top 100

By The Film Team
The “Great” Films We’re For And Against

What We’re Watching: Emotionally Numbing Television

By The Film Team
TV for when we’re tired of feeling our feelings.

The Unlikeable Fuckups of Edy Modica

By Lizzie Racklin
Nicole shows the frustration and bitterness that can come out of being left on the margins.

“2 Years” Music Video

By Brooke Metayer
Alex Bush and Mia Pak on collaboration , the catharsis of music videos, and invisible strings.

Translating The Yellow Wallpaper to Modern-Day Horror

By Natalie Duerr
J. Kiernan O’Brien treads familiar territory—but a notably different landscape—in her adaptation.

Stopping Time with Hiroshi Yoshimura

By Miguel de Laveaga
What does it mean to let time slip away? How do I unlearn all the ways that this feels so wrong?

I Will Be a Memory

by Lizzie Racklin
I often feel a dissonance between who I am and who I was. Isn’t it frustrating To not relate to yourself?

Of Hollywod and Men

by Natalie Duerr
Another film examines the horrors of being a woman, yet Hollywood is as unaware as ever.

Film Review: Petit Maman

Harish Krishnamoorthy
Céline Sciamma’s latest film feels like a palliative—a short, cozy breath of French air.

Our Thoughts On: Peeing During A Movie

by The Film Team
Do you??!?!

Emerson Rosenthal Has A Lot of Ideas

by Lizzie Racklin
It makes sense that the mind that has generated more than 2,500 ideas in the last four years loves movies that are actually “a hundred different movies in one.”

What We’re Watching: In Flight

by The Film Team
Pick something you would never watch normally, because in-flight entertainment is an experience of its own. 

Sofia Coppola: Forever Young Review 

by Natalie Duerr
Author Hannah Strong imbues personal experience into a critical survey of a filmmaker known to do the same.

A Fairytale Breakup

by Brooke Metayer
If you’re gonna get dumped, you might as well make it interesting.


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