Of Hollywod and Men

by Natalie Duerr
Another film examines the horrors of being a woman, yet Hollywood is as unaware as ever.

Film Review: Petit Maman

Harish Krishnamoorthy
Céline Sciamma’s latest film feels like a palliative—a short, cozy breath of French air.

Our Thoughts On: Peeing During A Movie

by The Film Team
Do you??!?!

Emerson Rosenthal Has A Lot of Ideas

by Lizzie Racklin
It makes sense that the mind that has generated more than 2,500 ideas in the last four years loves movies that are actually “a hundred different movies in one.”

What We’re Watching: In Flight

by The Film Team
Pick something you would never watch normally, because in-flight entertainment is an experience of its own. 

Sofia Coppola: Forever Young Review 

by Natalie Duerr
Author Hannah Strong imbues personal experience into a critical survey of a filmmaker known to do the same.

A Fairytale Breakup

by Brooke Metayer
If you’re gonna get dumped, you might as well make it interesting.


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