All My Friends Hate Me (2021, dir. Andrew Gaynord)

Our Thoughts On: All My Friends Hate Me

What if the real horror was the intrusive thoughts we had along the way?

By The Film Team



Initial disappointment gave way to curiosity once I sat with the idea that a horror movie doesn’t preclude blood and guts. The expectation of bloodshed—or at least something a little twisted—that comes attached to a self-proclaimed comedy-horror movie about a bunch of estranged friends staying in a house together for a long weekend was inevitably let down against my secret hope that someone would eventually lose a limb. Or at least a finger. But instead of being boring and baseless, this film displayed enough restraint to become true psychological horror in its purest form, answering the question: what if the real horror was the intrusive thoughts we had along the way? <3 


I’m soo glad we’re all realizing that tense movies in big houses are the only good movies. I really liked that this movie was predicated on the fact that nothing bad was actually going on (it was all in the character’s anxious imagination) and that it was entertaining to keep having this realization over and over. I didn’t scream from fear or laughter, but a few scenes really got me. The guy who played the “villain” was exceptional. Overall: very British, very tense, pretty funny.


All My Friends Hate Me wasn't my cup of tea. I think the set-up was interesting—Pete clearly wants to prove that he has changed, but the only people who can grant him that proof are his college friends who knew the old him. He becomes so preoccupied with the question, "Do my friends hate me?" that he never stops himself and asks, "Do I hate my friends?" When we first meet Pete, we sympathize with him, but his inauthenticity and self-centeredness crop up as the film goes on. I kept expecting SOMETHING, but the film's ending was an unsatisfying conclusion to the bizarre weekend. It felt like the film wasn't committed to being horror or comedy and ended up in a strange middle ground.

All My Friends Hate Me (2021, dir. Andrew Gaynord)