We Soundtrack Our Lives in Order to Live
52 Films: Take One
Gimme, Gimme
Slow Pulp at Le Posisson Rouge, Early November
Some Ideas for a Girls Reboot Season


2023 Favorites: Literature
2023 Favorites: Music
2023 Favorites: Film + TV
Bethenny Frankel’s Chain Reaction
Saltburn Review
Putting Women Back in the House


Surfaces in The New Animals   
I Want to Fight Jesse Eisenberg


Infernal & Exquisite: Lament for Julia 
Review: Mechanical Bulls
Look at What We Did Together
There Is Strength in the Collective


Richard Perez Has to Do This, Okay?
Barge Day
Dancing in a World Alone
Our Eras Tour


PREMIERING ON COPY: A Biblical Angel, an Emotional Hangover
Fear and Triumph in New York’s Summer Theater
The Darkness and the Light
DIVA DOWN: Dr. Roberta Bobby Vanishes Without a Trace

JUNE 2023

“In My Own Time, I’ll Get a Little Older”

Alien To Her Worlds

Venice Ohleyer’s Year of Yes

RIP My Acura TL 3

Pole Dancing @ TheaterLab
Night One of Bar Italia’s New York Residency
An Ode to Background Characters
25 Going on 14
WOO, WOO, WOO: I Am Synclaire
PREMIERING ON COPY: Sean David Bradley’s “Dog Water”

MAY 2023

A Show of “Firsts”
INT. Figaro Bistro - Tuesday 5:13 PM - April
It’s About Time for Nicole’s Revenge
Ryan Gosling Asian Girlfriend
Music for Portable Speakers: Playlist Refresh
Shame at Irving Plaza
Waiting Tables
David’s Rage
Peer Review of Spotify Profiles

MARCH 2023

I Am Such A Carrie
American Apparel Savior Complex
If Social Media Dies, I May Have to Blame Myself for Things Completely in My Control
2023 Oscars Predictions


As Told By

What Do 2022’s Hardest Working Bands Have in Common?
Damien Chazelle Is in His Reputation Era
It Isn’t True Until It Ends
In 10 Years’ Time
British Home Cooking at Lord’s in Greenwich Village
Down & Out on a Thursday
Studio Diaries: Tasneem Sarkez


The Art of Intangible Optimism
Silence of the Dogs


Death in Our Hands
Give a Dog a Bone

Songs That Could Convince Us To Join a Cult

Our Thoughts On: AFI’s Top 100
shame, Viagra Boys, and Kills Birds at Brooklyn Steel
Let’s Make a Playlist Together
I Know All My Friends’ Secrets


“2 Years” Music Video
The Unlikeable Fuckups of Edy Modica
The Sense of Movement Keeps Us Alive
Studio Diaries: Isabelle Perkins
Voxtrot: Your Biggest Fan
Don't Ever Go Somewhere You Can't Leave
If Loving This Is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right
Love in the Time of COVID-19
What We’re Listening To: On the way home from the party
With Great Power Comes Goth Responsibility
What We’re Watching: Emotionally Numbing Television


Music for Time Travel
On Dancing Through a Pandemic
Reach Out Your Hand and I Promise to Take It
On the First Sweaty Night of July, Momma became Rockstars of the New Age
The Expansive Land-Locked Room
I Will Be a Memory
Life is Short: The Micro Miniskirt in the Age of Irony
Beer, Berries, & La Boyère
Favorite Needle Drops in Road Trip Movies
Found in Translation
Stopping Time with Hiroshi Yoshimura
Translating The Yellow Wallpaper to Modern-Day Horror
Studio Diaries: A Summer in Saint-Raphael

JULY 2022

Oh, Are You Going to Any Festivals This Summer?
Our Thoughts On: The 10-Year Anniversary of Frank Ocean’s channel ORANGE
I Found god at the Ethel Cain show
Of Hollywod and Men
Stories of Stories
Music for Spiraling
How to Capitalize on Being Sad
Right Name, Wrong Girl
The Next Hit Jukebox Musical

JUNE 2022

Sofia Coppola: Forever Young Review
Writing This is My Version of Fangirling On Sarah Ramos & Autograph Hound
Music For Portable Speakers
What We’re Watching: In Flight
Emerson Rosenthal Has A Lot of Ideas
The Armpit of America
Theater We’re Excited For

Fritz Kühn, Ospace, and 393 Broadway

Summer 2016 Energy
Thoughts on Balletcore
Our Thoughts On: Peeing During A Movie

Film Review: Petit Maman

Twilight: A First Read 

MAY 2022 

Our Thoughts On: First Concerts 
Film Review: After Yang 
Insane Girl Winter 
What We’re Listening To: Rage 

Our Thoughts On: All My Friends Hate Me

3/3 at Market Hotel

Saying Goodbye to Night Falls Over Kortedala
Our Phantom Tails and the Liberating Meadows of Spring

A Fairytale Breakup

Private Time, Public Transport: Reading, Writing, and Lauren Elkin’s No.91/92
Studio Diary: Regina Sinnott
Reviewing Media I’ve Found on The Streets of BK

MARCH 2022

Maybe Next Time
2022 Oscars Predictions
What We’re Watching: Coming of Age
Euphoria: A Reckoning
Would the Euphoria Teens Survive Yellowjackets?
What Would Avalon Fast Do?
Three Poems
Everything but The Band: Samantha Singh
Thoughts on Streaming Alternatives
Music For Liminal Places
Adventures in Music Streaming
Playlist for Growing Up
Smithereens: The Anti Rom Com


52 Films Project: Making Art Post College & Mid Pandemic
Mackenzie Thomas: Personal Heaven
Our Thoughts On: The Tragedy of Macbeth
Ideas From My Rejected A24 Internship Application
What We’re Watching: Documentaries
What We’re Listening To: Love & Heartbreak
Our Thoughts On: The Superbowl Halftime Show
5 Songs You Missed 1988
Cool For America
I Love You, Farrah Abraham
Finding Solace in A Fun House
Studio Diaries 4: Julie Kim


What We’re Listening To: Existential Crisis
Reflecting on Lana del Rey’s Born To Die (10 Years Later)
In Communion With Pleasure
Kevin Salk’s Serendipitous Punk Rock Photography
Finding Her Own Way: Sedona
Our Faves From the 2021 Music Board
Our Thoughts On: Pen15 Finale
2021 Fim Recaps
Prestige Mini Series Pitches
Why Am I So Obsessed With Spotify Wrapped?
Nowhere to Hide; or the Excellence of the Short Story


The Punishing Pressure of Being Pitch Perfect
I Wasn’t Expecting Death
5 Songs You Missed: 1940s
Greta Van Fleet: Love or Hate
i want it to be messy
What We’re Listening To: Gatherings
Our Thoughts On: PinkPantheress - To hell with it 
Our Thoughts On: The French Dispatch
Artist Spotlight: Polina Buchak
Free Characters For Your Thanksgiving Dramedy
You’re Missing the Point: Squid Game
Studio Diaries 3: Julie Kim


Scary Stories & Soundtracks to Go Along
What We’re Listening To: Light Jacket Weather
Our Thoughts On: Pink Floyd’s Meddle
Albums to Write To
Our Thoughts On: Succession Season 3 Premiere
Film Review: The Worst Person in The World
I Can’t Stop Thinking About How Julia Roberts Plays Her Own Look Alike in Ocean’s 12
Artist Spotlight: Kylie Vincent
Ranking Celebrity Bookstore Purchases
6 Paintings for Falling in Love
The Seagull Swan Song of Brooklyn’s Bad Kiss
Madeleine's Pitchfork Photo Diary


Copy Carnival Photo Diary
Studio Diaries 3: Naava Guaraca
Thesis Diary Kate Kim
Artist Spotlight: John Valle
Met Gala Review
Film Review: Baby Annette
Art Shows To See: Sept & Oct 2021
What We’re Watching: Emmy’s Edition
Food Portraits
Studio Diaries 2: Julie Kim
Our Thoughts On: “family ties”
What We’re Listening To: Summertime
Following the Sound that Won’t Echo Then Die: Griffith James
Film Review: to the girl that looks like me
Patricia Lockwood’s No One is Talking About This & the Cursed Bird App


Considering the Alternative Museum
Artist Spotlight: Enmi Yang
My Life is A Road Movie
5 Songs You Missed: 1962
Studio Diaries 2: Naava Guaraca
Fashion In 3 Films
What We’re Listening To: Unwinding

JULY 2021

Studio Diaries 1: Julie Kim
Filmmaker Spotlight: Martin Matar
Rough Trade Moves to Midtown
The Hour of The Star & Self Deprecation
Book Reviews: Naava Guaraca
Our Thoughts On: Zola
What We're Listening To: Beginning
Our Thoughts On: Blood Orange’s Coastal Grooves
Our Thoughts On: Japanese Breakfasts’ Jubilee
Art Shows to See August 2021
Launch Party Photo Diary
5 Songs You Missed: 2001
The Official Guide to Dinner Party Music
A Conversation With Mitsu Kawano
Studio Diary 1: Naava Guaraca
What Are You Watching Post Vax?
“I Confuse Us”: An Interview
Welcome to Copy