Copy is an online space supporting young and emerging artists in a variety of forms.

We strive to create an alternative online community to social media where artists can showcase their work and interact with peers in a more accessible fashion.

Copy places value on the creation of work rather than reception, lifting up artists for what they have made rather than what or who has been deemed commercially viable.

With our writings, we aspire to create a dialogue around more obscure work as well as share a fresh perspective on art that we feel deserves recognition.

We believe that the most innovative arts communities have always championed the underdog and place no value on exclusivity.

Logo by Gabriella Feuillet
Website by Mickey Galvin

Creative: Mickey Galvin
Operations: Lily Crandall
Editorial: Taylor Stout
Events: Cita Atwell & Natalie Pardy
Development: Miguel de Laveaga
Visual Art: Naava Guaraca
Film: Lizzie Racklin
Literature: Phil Kenner

Team: Sarina Freda, Ava McCoy, Layla Passman, Molly Dolan, Cath Spino, Julia Vassallo, Margaret Davenport, Madeleine Fisher, Adam Picard-Park, Tessa Lechleider, Lindsay Bergman, Erin Kang, Julie Kim, Brooke Metayer, Natalie Duerr