Our Thought On: PinkPantheress - To hell with it

We spend most of our excess mental energy on tiktok anyways.



Sometimes a seconds-long sound bite can stick in your head stronger than anything else. It’s attention-grabbing, intriguing, and leaves you wanting more. These brief glimpses are how many listeners first encountered enigmatic gen z artist PinkPantheress. The English 20-something garnered fame with viral TikTok sounds and has now released her debut mixtape, To hell with it. Even with longer runtimes, the songs still feel like glimpses. We are left to wonder: who is PinkPantheress?

Since we spend most of our excess mental energy on TikTok anyways, here are our thoughts on PinkPantheress’s To hell with it.

Lily’s thoughts

Spooky TikTok electro-garage-mystery-pop. I <3 gen z.

Favorite track: “Pain”

Taylor’s thoughts

This mixtape is less than 19 minutes long but still feels like its own little LED-lit, bedroom-sized world. The lyrics reach from intimate infatuation (“My diary's full of your name on every page”) to stalker-like obsession (“I followed you today, I was in my car”) while still maintaining the mystery that defines PinkPantheress. This mix of scary proximity and alluring distance is what makes the music compelling.

Favorite track: “Just for me” 

Miguel’s thoughts

Ms. Pantheress... how you’ve captured the speed at which our thoughts must travel. This music is so gentle and direct. I’m particularly curious what this fanbase looks like. I can’t wait to play this for my kids.

Favorite track: “Break it off”

Emory’s thoughts 

This album sounds like a diary: fragments, fleeting thoughts, switching focus. I liked the longer entries, but I particularly loved the songs that feel quick and hasty, like the best pages of a Notes app.

Favorite track: “All my friends know”

Cath’s thoughts 

I’m not going to lie, I was a little hesitant to listen to this whole album in fear that all I would think about was the famed chorus of “Just for me.” Luckily, I was not trapped in the hauntingly catchy TikTok-looped earworm. PinkPantheress works with dreamy melodies cushioned by drum and bass beats reminiscent of “The Powerpuff Girls” transition music, making this mixtape the perfect weeknight hangover cure (speaking directly from experience—I am a healed woman).

Favorite track: “Passion”

Adam’s thoughts 

This PC music is coming alive. It’s bedroom pop that feels like it’s actually in a bedroom. The production can be intensely sharp and crisp, something needed in music like this. Her lead singles were strong and she delivered on this full project. I listen to this at night when the fog took over the LA streets and all I could see was the creepy meth den behind my building.

Favorite Track: “Just for me”

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