The French Dispatch

Our Thoughts On: The French Dispatch

Wes anderson tries to prove that he is, in fact, wes anderson.

ContributorS: Lizzie Racklin, Natalie Duerr, Kevin hanley, gabriella feuillet, austin davis, cath spino, eli ligonnet lam


“Okay maybe this is technically a ‘good’ movie? But it was so hard to watch. I like a lot of Wes Anderson but this felt gratingly stylized, like he was trying to prove that he’s Wes Anderson. I had a headache the whole time. The best story and performance by far features Jeffrey Wright as a quasi-James Baldwin, adding some depth to an otherwise distant movie. I can often get behind Anderson’s obsession with artifice and nostalgia, but watching this felt like homework.” 
Lizzie Racklin

“Let me preface this by saying that I will always give Wes Anderson credit for developing such a distinct visual style that you could probably guess if a film is his from a single frame. However, with The French Dispatch, Anderson trips over his own feet by attempting to be the jack of all trades (director, writer, AND producer). The alluring color-coordinated and compositionally calculated wrapper conceals a story that lacks the heart to be a charming ode to journalism. I long for the day when Anderson relinquishes the script to better writers and lets himself shine as a visual artist.”
Natalie Duerr

“I don’t know what it was about but it was a good watch nonetheless.” - Kevin Hanley

“Fell asleep, too much going on. I’m not a big parallel plots girly.” - Gabriella Feuillet

“Least favorite of Anderson’s films. So densely wordy, it should’ve been a podcast. Also, very little heart... missing the soul of Bottle Rocket.” - Austin Davis

“Full disclaimer: I have not seen it but what I have seen is five of my friends book impulsive trips to France after seeing it and I think that’s an important thing to note about Wes Anderon’s vice grip on society.” - Cath Spino

“Could’ve been a perfect short film. Way too long, but the most Andersonesque film ever!”
Eli Ligonnet Lam