Our Faves from the 2021 Community Board

2021 was a rollercoaster, but it had a killer soundtrack. here are some of our favorite releases by emerging artists.




“actor,” webcage

As an album, peer2peer is adequately emo while also being unpredictable. It targets the same emotion of early 2010’s carefree pop (Passion Pit, Grouplove). It’s like a form of contemporary worship music for 2021.


“Go Outside,” Eliza Elliott

Filled with aching honesty and clever lyrics, “Go Outside” is the perfect song to listen to if you want to forget about how sad you are. Wrapped in a sunny, bright beat to get you movin’, it’s relatable, heartbreaking, and catchy as hell.


“Ferry,” Moontype

I feel like Bodies of Water by Moontype is an album that will forever remind me of 2021, of my neighborhood, of winter turning into spring while I continued to have no idea what I was doing with my life. The album feels soft and abrasive at once. Those oppositional energies were a great soundtrack for a year full of challenges that taught me the value of treating myself with tenderness.


”Easy,” DJ Dave

Mark my words, DJ Dave will be a household name by 2025 (that is, if your household is down for electronic synth pop bops). DJ Dave meticulously codes and records her singles live, a process that had never before been executed in pop music. Her first single, “Easy,” is intoxicating to the point that I’ve had it on repeat constantly: when I run, when I cook, when I’m getting ready to go out. It’s the perfect song for getting out of your head and into your body. After the past two years, I think we could all use a little more of that energy.


“Emergency Snack,” Madeline

The opening chords of “Emergency Snack'' make me want to create a romanticized montage of my life. The song reminds me of the first days of spring, when there’s a feeling of warmth and hopefulness and new beginnings. It evokes a special kind of nostalgia that excites me for what’s to come.



The most recent single from Beechwood is a departure from their established scuzzy punk sound. In “Gently Towards The Light,” the group was able to tap into a different sort of vulnerability and the give the audience a new layer of depth.


“Adventures of Tricky n Duke,” Miso Extra

This song is the light at the end of the dark winter tunnel. The xylophone and bongo sounds paired with lyrics like, “Full of peace and musicality, Can't believe it's not butter, This love spread like no other,” make it the perfect song for curing your seasonal depression. It makes me feel warm and light, like the sun is beaming down on me at a music festival.

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