We Soundtrack Our Lives in

The Kings of Leon records add tempo to my memories and sharpen the visions of the girl I once was.
By Allison McWhite

Gimme, Gimme

Fighting morning grogginess and existential dread with the Belair Lip Bombs’ album, Lush Life
By Sophie Abeles

Slow Pulp at Le Posisson Rouge, Early November

Slow Pulp performed the way people in Chicago do anything—with their whole heart, focused on being the best they can.
By Layla Passman
Photos by Shelby Kraut

2023 Favorites: Music

These songs held our hands through a year of quiet transformations.  
By The Copy Team

Our Eras Tour

As I looked over at my best friend, it felt like a homecoming for the both of us. We knew we would revisit the past seventeen years not only of Taylor Swift, but of ourselves.
By Riley Rudy

Dancing in a World Alone

Celebrating ten years of making art and listening to Lorde’s Pure Heroine
By Taylor Stout

Look at What We Did Together

Black Country, New Road and Daneshevskaya at Knockdown Center
By Taylor Stout


A Biblical Angel, an Emotional Hangover

By Brooke Metayer
Alex Bush and Laura Galindo write poetry in black and white for the “Hangover” music video.

25 Going on 14    

By Margaret Davenport
Three Albums for A Quarter-Life Crisis

Night One of Bar Italia’s New York Residency

By Layla Passman
It was hard for me to match whatever low-grade apathy emanated from the patio as I was gleefully anticipating hearing one of my new favorite albums live.

“In My Own Time, I’ll Get a Little Older”

By Erin Kang
Fenne Lily and Christian Lee Hutson with Why Bonnie, Live at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

Peer Review of Spotify Profiles

By The Music Team
If you’re obsessive about music, your spotify profile can be like a public diary. Here’s what we learned about each other.

Shame at Irving Plaza

By Layla Passman
English post-punk band Shame exudes grit, energy, and earnest passion.

Music for Portable Speakers: Playlist Refresh

By The Music Team
Some New Songs for a New Season

It’s About Time for Nicole’s Revenge

By Davis Dunham
Examining the art of New Orleans-based performer: Garlic Junior aka Vodka Soda aka Nicole’s Revenge.

In Ten Years’ Time

By the Music Team
It’s one thing to line up the best albums of a given year, but to name the most “formative” is something more personal and elusive.

What Do 2022’s Hardest Working Bands Have in Common?

By Raynee Hamilton
Touring the eclectic indie artists at Baby’s All Right: “These bands don’t seem to care!”

As Told By

By Lizzie Racklin
A new collaborative project. A place for memories of music live.

Laila Sakini (Bandcamp)

The Art of Intangible Optimism

By Raynee Hamilton
Laila Sakini’s new album Paloma is a minimalist meditation on hope for the sake of itself.

By The Music Team
You’ve got to have an idea of what you’ve listened to most this year, right?

COPY’s Favorites of 2022: Music

By The Copy Team

What We’re Listening To: Songs That Could Convince Us To Join a Cult

By The Music Team
In the music world, devotion takes many forms.

I Know All My Friends’ Secrets

By Margaret Davenport

Let’s Make a Playlist Together

By The Music Team

With the world of music at your fingertips, the possibilities can be overwhelming.

shame, Viagra Boys, and Kills Birds at Brooklyn Steel

By Layla Passman
Shame has managed to bring together those who are full of it, and those who don’t realize they have “it” at

With Great Power Comes Goth Responsibility

By Elias Kotsis
Photos by Melissa McLaughlin
A Stone Pony show review and interview with Little Hag

What We’re Listening To: On the way home from the party

By The Music Team
It’s a time to relax, wind down, and overthink every conversation you had that night. Here’s what we listen to after a night out, on our ways home.

If Loving This Is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right

By The Music Team
Maybe they’re “tacky” or “melodramatic” or simply “terrible,” but we don’t care. these songs make us feel. What’s “good” anyways?

Don't Ever Go Somewhere You Can't Leave

By Layla Passman
Over my party-going tenure, I have developed one cardinal rule: never go somewhere you can’t leave.

Your Biggest Fan

By Lily Crandall
On being young and old and loving Voxtrot.

The Sense of Movement Keeps Us Alive

By Taylor Stout
Saying goodbye to Brooklyn venue Wild Birds

Found in Translation

by Erin Kang
We trusted in music too much. We would not have it any other way.

Favorite Needle Drops in Road Trip Movies

by The Music Team
When your seat at the theater transports you to that journey across the country and everything else stops. Hands tight on the steering wheel, hair flying out the window, or just loitering in a motel parking lot. Here are the scenes and tracks that take us there.

The Expansive Land-Locked Room

by Catherine Spino
Chatting with frontman Ian McNally of Moon Hound on the duality of New York and thrashing in a different way.

On the First Sweaty Night of July,
Momma became Rockstars of the New Age  

by Layla Passman
Momma tugs at the desire to be known in a space that is becoming increasingly

On Dancing Through a Pandemic

by Naava Guaraca
We punctuate every word with the landings of our feet. It feels like an exhalation, like the outpouring of a sigh we’ve been holding in for these past three years.

Music for Time Travel

by The Music Team
We may not have actual time travel figured out (yet), but put on the right song and you can feel suddenly transported—to freshman year, to childhood, to a different generation.

The Next Hit Jukebox Musical

by Brooke Metayer
From the writers room that is my humble living room, I bring you my pitches for the next smash-hit jukebox musical.

Right Name, Wrong Girl

by Margaret Davenport
In a shocking turn of events, I will not be the Margaret marrying Jack Antonoff.

What We’re Listening To: Music for Spiraling

by The Music Team
Here’s what we listen to calm our worries and drop a roadblock mid-spiral. Or, just something that puts to music how we feels inisde and fuels our unrest. 

I Found god at the Ethel Cain show

by Layla Passman
Review of the breakout goth rock star’s record release show at Market Hotel.

Our Thoughts On: The 10-Year Anniversary of Frank Ocean’s channel ORANGE

by The Music Team
Frank Ocean’s debut studio album has the power to change you.

Oh, Are You Going to Any Festivals This Summer?

by Julia Vassallo
I have a desire to see a paradigm shift in the way festivals are run, sometimes the easiest way to learn is through the examination of failure.

Music For Portable Speakers

by The Music Team
The city’s getting warmer. Gather your friends and head to the park.

Summer 2016 Energy

by The Music Team
What is it? Is it back? Why?!

Saying Goodbye to Night Falls Over Kortedala

By Lily Crandall
Reflecting on the “Retirement” of Jens Lekman’s 2007 Album


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