Our Thoughts On: Succession Season 3 Premiere

everyone’s favorite evil rich family is back.

Contributors: Lizzie Racklin, Natalie DuerR, Laura Shrago, Meghan RackliN, Taylor Stout, Mickey Galvin, Erin McMilleN, Sarina FredA, and Ella Lee Davidson


“Aaaand we’re finally back! The theme song was maybe the most exciting part of the episode, but the tension from Season 2 ricocheted throughout. Even amid his potential downfall, Logan offers Shakespearean insults and loaded silences, while Kendall is tentatively revived, back to making tone-deaf pop culture references and fast-talking at everyone he meets with his unhinged little grin. Roman and Shiv are confused and power-hungry, a winning combo, while our beloved Greg is mostly just confused. These people are just so good at what they do, including inventive uses of the word ‘fuck,’ wearing tailored trousers, and yelling at each other in expensive/depressing apartments. All in all, things can only get worse, which is good news for us. So glad to be back with my evil rich family!”

- Lizzie Racklin

“While I lack a simple way to explain why this show is just so good, Succession’s premiere episode of season 3 goes the extra mile to secure its place as THE show to watch. It’s sharp, witty, and over the top in all the right ways. Succession also has hands-down the best score of any television show ever—step aside SAD lamp, Nicholas Britell’s theme music cured my seasonal depression. It airs on Sundays at 9 PM, giving me one reason to look forward to the second-worst day of the week. It’s best enjoyed with friends who don’t mind when you shout at the screen and a glass of wine (though maybe not from an antique bottle that your boss’s ex-wife got from her godfather).”

- Natalie Duerr

“That season opener was so high-stakes that my jaw was practically hanging open the whole episode. I even dreamt that I got personally fired and rehired by Logan Roy… but I’m just so happy that after many months of rewatching Cousin Greg Youtube compilations, I can finally get some new episodes of my favorite emotional support evil TV family!”

- Laura Shrago

“I’m just so happy they’re back! How I’ve missed them. Kendall can’t be on top (he’s got one of the three or four good women on his side!) for even a minute before he begins to unravel. He’s tracking the public’s opinion of him like it’s the S&P 500 and hiring Bojack writers to run his Twitter account. The best moment of the episode was Rava telling him she didn’t watch his press conference. Logan is scared and, as a result, more frightening than ever. Shiv and Roman are, predictably, still playing (and losing) musical chairs for the top job. Was it the best episode of Succession ever? No, but it’s still better than pretty much everything else.”

- Meghan Racklin

“Thank god I have a weekly excuse to sit back and listen to the Succession theme song again. Queuing it on repeat during aimless walks around Brooklyn doesn’t quite hit the same—I need the grainy footage of rich people being rich interspersed with ludicrous news headlines. And this episode had me riveted long after the title sequence. Cousin Greg doesn’t do much but every time he’s onscreen I laugh. Kendall is the human equivalent of a hydroplaning car. Roman and Gerri are briefly alone in a room together. It’s a recipe for disaster and some great HBO prestige drama.”

- Taylor Stout

Succession feels like watching Shakespeare when Shakespeare isn’t boring. Nothing of substance really happens, but it is gripping. Episode one was nothing short of this standard. The return of anxious Kendall has me on the edge of my seat. It’s embarrassing how much pleasure I feel watching Shiv’s girlboss friendships collapse.”

- Mickey Galvin

“This is my hypothesis: The bed in Gerri and Roman’s safe room is like Chekhov’s gun. If it’s shown in the first episode it will come back again, therefore Gerri and Roman WILL have more sex this season!!”

- Erin McMillen

“The juice is loose baby!!”

- Ella Lee Davidson

“Hot off his blockbuster TV show The New Pope, John Malkovich graces the screen in this new season of the laugh-off-your-chair show, Succession, and I couldn’t be more excited. These producers really know what they are doing, and it shows. As I was watching I was thinking “Is that John Malkovich?” But once you see it, you see it, and you can’t unsee it, am I right? It finally was a dead give away when Linda referred to him as “John,” but don’t be fooled! He isn’t playing himself John (aka John Malkovich), which would be really cool, he is playing another John. His name just happens to be John. I’m obsessed!”

- Sarina Freda