Photo by Taylor Stout
Photo Diary:
Copy Launch Party

Intro by Taylor Stout


We had a launch party last weekend! You all showed up in your best sparkles and silks and sported our lovingly crafted COPY temporary tattoos and bracelets, and we love you for it. COPY is built on community and we had a wonderful time sharing this crazy fun night with ours. We hope you did some sweaty dancing to DJ François’s set, fell in love with the certified party dog Josie Momo, hit it off with a couple of cool new friends, and got inspired about what an arts community can be. We’re so grateful for it all, and we can’t wait for more.

Take a look at our party photo diary below and reminisce with us. We hope to see you next time!


The Copy Team

Photos by Taylor Stout, Lily Crandall, Mickey Galvin, Naava Guaraca, and Cara Griffin