Pitching Prestige Miniseries for my Favorite Milfs

Everyone needs their own mare of easttown.

By Josie Brandmeier


Amy Adams has Sharp Objects, Jean Smart has Hacks—where’s the Emmy bait for the rest of the girls? Here’s some ideas for HBOMax and all of the other streamers who can use them for exactly 50 million dollars please. Or one full time job that pays minimum wage <3

Octavia Spencer

A longform drama following a woman with a difficult past who vapes. After financial ruin, she gets a job as a vice principal at a prestigious private high school and starts embezzling cash. But then… she forms genuine connections with the students.

Toni Collette

Patricia: an 8-episode drama about Patricia Nixon, wife of Richard Nixon. This would be the untold story of the Watergate Scandal, reframing a major moment in US history to focus on the role that a complex female lead probably played. Lady Macbeth vibes. Adam McKay’s Vice but for WOMEN.

Lucy Liu

Find some untapped superhero IP with potential to be a mega-franchise and reframe it as gritty, dark, and even profound, with Lucy brooding at the center of it all.  A story of a hero, or a killer? A mother, or is she? It’s dark, uncomfortable, just what we need for our complex times, etc.

Julia Roberts

Jaded small-town reporter in a quaint fictional town called “Sheboygan,” “Wisconsin” investigates a chain of elderly persons kidnappings only to reveal... the underground elderly trade is much larger… and more entangled with her personal life… than she thought. SHE ALSO VAPES! She should get a dialect coach for the complex Sheboygan accent.

Miss Piggy

A fictionalized story of a star’s rise to fame that is a thinly veiled parable of Miss Piggy’s own career and its untold stories, reframing a life (and certain male characters) that we thought we knew. The opening sequence says “Introducing Pigathias Lee” (her full name), losing the moniker so we know that this is the acoustic, unseen side of the 80s star.

Gillian Anderson/JLo/Bryce Dallas Howard/fill in the blank with your favorites

Satirical rich people ensemble dramedy about a GOOP-type brand. Think dialogue! Think theatre! Think long, single-shot scenes with tense debates and explosive dinner conversations against a backdrop of grand mansions, resorts, etc.

Parker Posey

Salem Witch Trials ensemble show but some of them are gay.